Late comer (or not)

I find contemporary arts distant, while I definitely enjoy arts of previous eras. I like ancient Chinese literature and western classics, and even write in their ways. I like Chinese calligraphy with brushes instead of pens. I love traditional Chinese music and western classic music. I like ‘oldies’ from 60s to 80s, be it Chinese, Japanese or English. I understand traditional paintings more than the modern ones.

I often see myself as a late comer in history. It seems that I don’t belong to this age.

But that only applies to my taste of arts. I do belong to this age if we are talking about technology. I love gadgets. I love sciences. I like how scientific breakthroughs have been achieved during my life time. I like how technologies have changed people’s life. I like the ease and convenience that modern civilisation has brought to human beings. I am exciting about CERN and NASA projects.

I am an urban creature and a slave of technology. I can go for tours in the wild nature but I need my phone with me. I might be saying something like ‘technology makes me unhealthy’, but I can’t survive without the technology.

That is why I would not be willing to go back in time, although I love arts in the past more than contemporary ones. I am not a late comer in history. I am just a weirdo who has split personalities between left and right brains.

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