Blogs? Blogs.

Many years ago, I was once very active on many forums. I wrote many posts discussing a great range of topics. Then the passion died off.

And then came blogs. I found new passion in this then-still-new thing. I used to write nonsense on Livejournal. I didn’t decide on titles until I finished writing. I never needed to worry about the topics and whether I was off topic. (That’s exactly why I call those posts nonsense.) After Livejournal, I hopped from one blog service to another, getting to know different people who came and went in my cyber life.

And ultimately I paid for a domain and a server, and built my own blog with WordPress. At first I was quite ambitious. Setting up a blog was only a humble start. I planned to build a grand site, putting in all knowledge that I know and have interest in, like the complete works and detailed timeline of Su Dongpo, a systematic Chinese language course for foreign learners, my own version of Chinese history, etc.

Then came Facebook, and then Twitter. Statuses and tweets are short, instant, shallow. And I just got addicted to them. Eventually I lost my ability of writing beyond 140 characters. My blog posts were either sharing of resources or incoherent compilation of tweets. This directly led to the end of my own independent blog. And those grand plans were, after all the years, only plans.

No doubt Google+ allows much longer and deeper posts. But its similarity to Facebook statuses and even Twitter is a great factor contributing to the fact that I didn’t write much, although I did share a lot.

I just have become a very anti-social individual. Not only I talk very little in my offline life, but I also do not feel comfortable with social networks or social medias. I follow very few people on Twitter and Google+. I always see these social sites as crowded markets with high decibels. I can’t possibly settle down and write something in such a ‘loud’ environment. Even if I did, it would be like fast food: high calories, low nutritions, ordinary tastes.

I did keep a diary. First in handwritten Chinese, then in digital English. There were not so many secrets or privacy in my diary entries. I was actually writing daily blogs, focusing on my thoughts and feelings. But I couldn’t be committed to it as I was (am) not so self-disciplined.

So I decided to start a blog again. And anew.

So here I am.

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