Chicken crossing a road

The more times a chicken crosses a road, the higher the chance it is hit by a car.

This is something I learnt in my JC years and confirmed after I started working.

There is this kind of leaders who can always find wrongs and faults in whatever work you do and make you feel incompetent. The more hardworking you are, the higher chance you have to be scolded by the leader.

The unhealthy implication is obvious. To minimize the chance of being hit by a car, the chicken stops crossing the road. To avoid being accused, you start doing minimum work. You avoid all tasks if possible. You start wondering whether the way you have been doing your work all these years is right or wrong. You lose your passion and enthusiasm and would never take initiative again.

But who says staying on one side of the road is definitely safe? The chicken may still be hit by a car that banged into the road side because the driver has lost his direction. Even if you are not involved in some projects, somehow by conspiracy or by misfortune, you might get into trouble too.

It is a sad case that people have been doing hard work and yet are not recognised. It is even a sadder case that these people, despite having invested great amount of time and effort in a task, still get stabbed, from front on the face or from behind on the back.

Sometimes you are just desperate and feeling hopeless after witnessing all these dramas.

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