2012, 2013


What have I done in 2012? Essentially nothing but work. I made myself a better form teacher, met the cutest and best mannered P2 class so far in my teaching career, went over the obstacles and difficulties in ICT Club, volunteered myself to help my colleagues, pushed my Foundation Chinese pupils to G1 and G2, and by some luck made 10 out of 11 of my P4 pupils improve. Sounds great. But if that’s almost everything in my life, it does not sound great at all.

I wish I can teach better in 2013, make all my pupils improve, and make no mistakes. I wish I can also save enough money so that I can pursue my fulltime master and PhD studies either in 2014 or 2015.


I have been a loner for another year. I watched majority of movies alone, went to restaurants alone, went around Singapore alone, walked and cycled alone, visited museums alone, shopped alone, played games alone, and I did not feel awkward. I think it is just in my genes. Or maybe it is so achieved by staying single for 9 years.

That 9 years might be extended into 10 years.

My parents have been pressing this issue for 3 or 4 years, but I really lacked the motivation.

Should I find a girlfriend and get married so as to please my parents, since I failed in convincing them otherwise?

Maybe I need to meet someone special, who can revive my ability to love and to be loved, who can convince me that marriage is nothing for me to fear, and who can accept me as who I am, regardless of all my shortcomings and weird habits.

Maybe that should be one of my 2013 resolutions?


I did not make much progress in losing my weight. I have been more active, and more conscious in eating, than the previous year. But still I look like an inflated balloon. My blood pressure remains high.

So this same resolution shall be stated here again: lose at least 5kg in 2013. Eat even less. Continue cycling and walking. Go to gym. Do a basic checkup every 3 months. And hopefully I can achieve more than that.


A ‘New Year’s Day’ is nothing but an arbitrary day in a calendar.

A year is determined by a revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Equinoxes and solstices are specific points on this revolution. Birthdays and anniversaries occur at the (almost) same point on each revolution. But the starting point of a year is purely arbitrary.

On this random and ordinary day, why should everything be so special?

That is why I do not really celebrate any festival.

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