Some Random Updates

One of my new year resolutions was to learn how to play ukulele. No doubt I tried to teach my self last year but it was an utter failure. So I enrolled myself in a ukulele course conducted by Tampines North Community Club and have now advanced quite considerably. At least I can tell my friends I am playing ukulele and not ‘playing with’ it. The trainer might be too young and too inexperienced, but thanks to my own diligence, I have improved a lot and practiced many new tricks on my own by following a few books — yes I did buy some ukulele books because that has become my passion.

Another new year resolution was to strive for full attendance this year. So far I have not taken any leave. Another 9 weeks awaits!

I ‘kena’ big scolding from boss, one in each term, in the past two terms. Term 3 is just over and I am more than relieved to realise that I did not commit any mistake in the term. Was I more careful or was the luck with me?

And I find myself more ambitious than ever. Thanks to the the teacher-in-charge’s constant absence from work, I took up the managing role for my CCA. Without him I could take some initiatives and really accomplished something. Everything is now planned ahead, instead of last-minutes; and I managed to secure the membership for next year. I don’t like to be a leader; but if my leader cannot do anything decent, I would better take over the job, because I am still answerable for the Club’s progress and sustainability.

I did not apply for any transfer, be it open posting or close posting, because I still cannot convince myself to leave my kids, and also because of the fact that every school is the same nowadays.

I feel that my teaching improves a bit this year. And if I were not to teach P6 next year, maybe I can do my master degree? But it would be by coursework. It would be perfect if I could do part-time master by research. Maybe that would be my most important decision next year.

As you can see from the previous paragraphs, I am now fully absorbed by my work. I like this state.

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