‘The ones who attended the blah blah course are in fact bonded to the school for two years. Though they did not sign any contract, it was implied so. And now, two out of the eight have already broken the rules.’

And I am one of the two who have ‘broken the rules’ by leaving the school before the implied bond period starts.

To be bonded without signing any contract is something creative. The obligation (and therefore our breaking the rules) lies merely in implications.

Maybe I am too stupid to comprehend this.

My stupidity implies that I have not been provided sufficient guidance… or cash to study… or freedom to further my learning… you name it. Implications are not finite or exhaustible.

The owner of this innovative idea cannot take any legal action against me, as there is no legal power in ‘implications’. And since I am leaving the school, this idea owner cannot punish me at work either — except, perhaps, saying something nasty about me to my new leader. No, I am not implying that my current leader will definitely do it.

Forgive me for the incoherent ranting (?) above. I just feel it hilariously ridiculous for a school leader to utter those sentences. And this paragraph does imply my despising someone.

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