Twenty Fifteen

So here we are, at the beginning of another year. 2015 will see the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta of England, the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Singapore, and my first year in the second school since I became a teacher.

I do not like to write resolutions because I seriously lack imagination. But anyway here they are:

1. To survive, and survive well, in the new environment

Having spent 3 days in the new school, I am still trying to adapt to the new environment. There are new colleagues to befriend with, new facilities to make use of, new pupils to educate, and new leaders to work for. I will try my best.

2. To get fit

Getting fit does not just mean slimming down. I will try some strength training, and also not to get sick. The new school is just 1km away, so I can walk to and back from work every day. Bukit Panjang Plaza is in only 1.4km walking distance from my house, and 1.4km from the school; I can walk there too. Eateries are very convenient at Fajar Shopping Centre, which is only a few steps away, and the proximity of eateries has effectively reduced my tendency to over eat; in the past, I needed to walk quite a long distance for meals and tended to eat too much, or to order food delivery too frequently, because of the high time cost in travelling.

3. To save more money

Renting a much cheaper room already saves a lot. The nearness of my school and shopping centres also cuts down travel expenses. Since I eat less now, I will also spend less on food. With my newly opened OCBC 360 Account, I will earn more interest from my deposit too. And I no longer need to buy so many photography gadgets, as I have moved from Canon EOS to Olympus OM-D. Just hope that I will not develop a new hobby in the new year!

4. To get a driving license

Hopefully I can get my license within this year. Bukit Batok Driving Centre is very close, 3.8km away, just in the distance between my previous house and previous school. With an emphasis of ‘working smart’ and a work-life balance policy in the new school, I believe I can manage my time and accomplish that. Whether to buy a car — and whether I can afford one — is another question.

UPDATED: It looks like I will not be able to learn driving after work because I am mentally exhausted by the time I go out of the office. Look at it this way: at least I save another 2000 dollars…

5. To travel out of the Malay Peninsula

I am not a traveller. My first step out of my comfort zone was taken 16 years ago from Swatow to Singapore, and the second 10 years ago from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. I think maybe it is time to take another step, and a longer one. There are four options: Britain, Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand. I shall make the decision according to my wallet size — and my mood.

That’s it. I know I am boring. Whatever.