Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Just some live examples.

A leader of an organisation criticised some job interviewees at an internal meeting.

…They boasted how experienced and capable they had been… They thought so highly of themselves and talked of commendations and positive appraisals… They knew no humility! A professional must have some humility…

Then, the leader started boasting.

…As your role model, I graciously accepted the difficult job assigned to me… I stepped out of my comfort zones and came forward… My supervisors had never had to tell me what to do… They told me, ‘you are competent, I don’t need to worry about your performance.’ These are not my words. I don’t praise myself…

At another meeting, some members of the staff were late. This leader started preaching.

…I have been watching the clock. You are late for 2 minutes. Highly unprofessional! You need to have better sense of time, or your colleagues must wait for you! Unacceptable…

On the second day, the organisation held a camp. This leader needed to officially open a campfire at 8pm. At 8pm, everything was ready, and the staff waited patiently for the leader to appear. The leader came at 8.15pm, and happily preached on professionalism for another 15 minutes, before lighting the campfire at 8.30pm. No apologies were offered.

The leader often boasts on keeping promises.

…I mean what I say. I keep my promises. How about you?…

A couple among the staff applied for 3 days of marriage leave. The leader granted two days, and the third day under the condition of finishing all their work before the leave. The couple finished their work two days in advance. The leader then assigned one more task to the couple. The couple diligently completed it within one day. But the third day of the leave was still not approved, and yet another task was assigned, specially requested to complete on site on the third day. The groom went to ask the leader. The leader said,

…I did not promise the third day! I told you you should finish your work if you want to take the third day of the leave. Now you have another task to finish. And I want you to do it here in the organisation and not at home….

This is how promises are kept.

The leader always reminds the staff to do some reflection and soul searching. Hopefully this leader can do some reflection and soul searching as well?

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